Chara Grigoriadou

Junior Associate

+30 216 900 5718

Chara Grigoriadou is a Greek qualified lawyer and a member of Thessaloniki’s Bar Association with a diverse legal background and a specialization on Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Privacy and Intellectual Property Law.

Chara embarked on her legal career as a Trainee Lawyer at the State Legal Council (NSK), and later as a Lawyer at Law Firms in Thessaloniki and Athens  where she specialized in Civil, Commercial and Immigration Law.

Before joining ALG, Chara contributed her expertise in the field of Renewable Energy Industry as an In-House Lawyer and Legal Counsel in relative multinational companies where she acquired valuable experience in contracts and negotiations.

Chara’s educational background includes a Master’ s degree in European, International and Private International Legal Studies and International Transactions from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, along with her accomplishing her Master in Bioethics. Her achievements in legal competitions and her solid academic background further demonstrate her dedication to excellence in the legal sector.

In ALG, Chara provides legal support to multinational pharmaceutical companies with a specialization in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating several types of contracts.