Ioannis Manousakis

Managing Partner

+30 216 9005700

Ioannis Manousakis is a Greek attorney with extensive local and international experience in the pharmaceutical sector. He served as head counsel of one of the top Greek pharmaceutical companies, handling the highest value licensing and distribution agreements in the Greek market.

In 2010, he established ALG Manousakis Law Firm, which quickly became a recognized partner for pharmaceuticals and companies in the food and beverage sector in Greece, biotechnology companies seeking local advice and support in their day- to-day operations in Europe. The contracting support function for day-to-day operations in Europe, is currently comprised of 2 partners and 8 associates of the law firm.

In 2017, he established Privintelligent Solutions in Switzerland to provide a full array of data protection services, foreseeing the upcoming need of European companies to find optimal solutions and comply with a law, which will significantly overhaul Europe’s cornerstone data protection legislation and impose new data protection obligations.

He is the author of the book “Pharmaceutical Law” and of various publications in law journals on compliance and regulatory issues for the healthcare industry, including competition law and data privacy issues.

Yiannis is the head of ALG, a gem of a firm that I discovered many years ago. After I started working with Yiannis, he has been a great partner and resource that I’ve worked with at all my companies. Bryan Yoon (TERNS PHARMA)