Mariliza Baka

Junior Partner

+30 216 9005739

Mariliza Baka is a qualified Greek Attorney at Law, with a specialization in privacy, data protection and cybersecurity within the dynamic realm of the pharmaceutical industry. Holding an LLM in Law & Technology from Tilburg University, Mariliza has honed her expertise through years of dedicated practice in reputable NGOs and law firms and she is committed to navigating the complex intersection of law, with a particular focus on safeguarding information in the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences, contributing significantly to the establishment of robust and compliant data management practices.

Armed with a profound grasp of data protection laws, including GDPR and other regional frameworks, Mariliza has effectively formulated and executed resilient privacy strategies for pharmaceutical companies. Her role encompasses the design, implementation, and management of comprehensive global privacy programs, addressing data protection challenges on a worldwide scale, with a specific emphasis on the EU and US. Mariliza demonstrates excellence in providing strategic privacy compliance solutions, formulating remediation plans, overseeing online compliance, and managing third-party risks.

In her role at ALG Manousakis Law Firm, Mariliza advises clients on compliance with privacy regulations and mitigating risks associated with the handling of sensitive medical and research data. Her keen understanding of both legal intricacies and the complexity of the life sciences industry positions her as a trusted advocate for clients seeking across-the-board solutions in an era where data privacy is paramount. Her contributions extend beyond her legal expertise as she frequently engages in thought leadership and delivering presentations that shed light on the evolving legal landscape surrounding privacy in life sciences.

Mariliza is also dealing with data mapping projects, navigating the intricate terrain of information flows within complex organizational structures. She analyzes and visualizes data ecosystems, identifying critical touchpoints and potential vulnerabilities, by successfully leading and executing such initiatives, bringing clarity to intricate data landscapes and ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, understanding of data relationships and flows empowers organizations to enhance data governance and fortify their overall data protection strategies.