Natalia Tampone

PA to Managing Partner

+30 216 9005722

Natalia Tampone graduated from University of West Attica at the Department of Library Science and Information.

In terms of professional experience she has been occupied as an Executive Assistant to the General Manager, and simultaneously being responsible for all the payments, filing and office’s daily tasks. Additionally, she has worked as a Sales Assistant Manager being responsible for the recruiting and the training of new employees.

Natalia is a native Greek and she also speaks English fluently.

As a PA to Managing Partner in ALG plays a crucial role in providing support and assistance to organizations and individuals. Her responsibilities typically include managing schedules, organizing meetings and events, handling correspondence, maintaining records and databases, and performing various administrative tasks. She is also responsible for coordinating travel arrangements, preparing reports and presentations, and assisting with project management.

Additionally, Natalia serves as the first point of contact for visitors and clients, and she is  involved in customer service and communication tasks. Overall, her role is to ensure smooth operations and efficient functioning within an organization.

Natalia also plays a vital role in supporting the human resources department of an organization. Her responsibilities typically include assisting with recruitment and onboarding processes, maintaining employee records and databases, coordinating employee benefits and payroll, and assisting with employee relations and performance management.

Natalia organizes training and development programs, handles employee inquiries and grievances, and ensures compliance with employment laws and regulations. She often assists with the preparation of HR policies and procedures, as well as with the implementation of HR initiatives and projects.

Lastly, Natalia contributes to the smooth functioning of the HR department and help ensure the well-being and satisfaction of employees within the organization.