Nona Motsiola

Senior Partner

+30 216 9005726

Nona Mosiola is a highly experienced Greek lawyer, with native – speaking knowledge of both German and Greek. For almost 15 years she practices Civil, Insurance, Business, Family and Real Estate Law, being as recognized a prominent legal consultant of German companies and individuals doing business in Greece. From her own practice since 2005, she developed a dynamic corporate oriented law office, which was closely connected with ALG Manousakis Law Firm until 2016, when they joined forces.

Nona, performs quality control of the ALG contract operations for the EU headquarters of pharma companies, drafts and negotiates agreements for the German affiliates and oversees a team of 4 lawyers mainly engaged in drafting of HCP/HO agreements. She performs compliance checks both for services and HCP/HCO agreements for a multinational biopharma company.

Finally she is very active in the commercial litigation segment, handling high profile cases for insurance and telecom companies.

Nona has been doing an absolutely amazing job providing timely support and contract reviews. She has been very responsive, extremely supportive, completing contract reviews sometimes within hours (as opposed to days). Whenever our review requests are extremely urgent, she would jump in and help out without a single grumble. I feel well supported by our EU Legal team, and enjoy working with her. She is not only friendly and very approachable, but also knowledgeable and professional. She also understands the pressure we are under and work with us to get things done. Agata Treeby (VERTEX)