Intellectual Property

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Ensuring an environment for creativity to prosper


Protecting the intangible assets of creators across the arts and sciences, including patents and corporate trademarks, is among our priorities.

Our firm is noted for long-standing experience in Intellectual Property Law, handling cases regarding registration, renewal and investigation of national and EU trademarks and patents. Our firm provides full range of trademark, copyright and patent advice, including litigation and enforcement. It’s this full service approach and our competence in litigating and enforcing IP rights that sets us apart.

Proven Competence


Advises clients on patent licensing and technology transfer agreements.



IP litigation before the competent Courts, representing our clients in trademark/patent opposition and cancellation proceedings.


Our IP practice group can advise at every step of a brand’s evolution, from initial concept through to becoming a global brand. We provide a one stop shop for all legal requirements including the clearance, prosecution, enforcement and exploitation of trademarks and IP rights at a national, EU and international level. In addition, we provide advice in relation to other IP related matters such as unfair competition, franchising, selective distribution, cyber-squatting, comparative and misleading advertising.


Representing our clients in trademark/patent opposition and cancellation proceedings, as well as patent infringement or unfair competition cases.